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The perceptionmeter has been developed based upon research that is done by H.J.C. van der Krift, prof. dr. A.J. van Weele and dr. J.M.P. Gevers in 2016. In case you want to use this perceptionmeter, and want to participate in the study, we kindly invite you to answer the questions below and provide your details and of the details of the participating colleagues and partners. Results will be generated as soon as all participants have reacted to your request to fill in the survey (that will take about 20 minutes) or when a time period of 3 weeks has passed. Please consider that the results are more reliable when multiple employees participate in the research (ideally 4 or more on each side). Hence, it will favour you to remind your colleagues and partners to fill in the survey.

The results generated are sent to your e-mail address as a PDF-report. This report clearly shows at what aspects of the collaboration the largest perceptual distance is present between your company and the partners'. Based upon the report, you are encouraged to engage in conversation with your partner about the issues that you have perceptual distance upon. Because, the presence of perceptual distance causes conflict and distrust in the collaboration and thereby affects the project outcomes negatively.

The survey that the project members will complete concerns a diverse set of relationship issues within the collaboration. Hence, it is important to select the participants based upon frequent contact that they had with employees from the partner company.

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